The Art of Affinage

Bring a bunch of young, green bananas home and leave them on your countertop. As the days pass, they continue to ripen, turning a richer, golden yellow, and developing a sweeter, fuller “banana” like flavor.

Artisan cheese is a lot like a banana; it is shipped young and requires time and care for it to age and mature into it’s best, most delicious state. The centuries old technique for aging cheese to perfection is “affinage”, and it’s what sets Artisanal Premium Cheese apart from our competition.

A famous example of the difference of affinage is the transformation of Époisses, a world class cow’s milk cheese from Burgundy, France. When young, it is a spongy slab of weird smelling cheese. We carefully age Époisses, periodically rinsing it with brandy, until it arrives at its “peak” state, characterized by its now silky, spoonable paste, and deep rich flavor. Only then do we offer it for sale to our customers.

Taste the Difference!

Artisanal Premium Cheese is purveyor to the country’s top restaurants and resorts. We believe that the right cheese can surprise & delight, transforming ordinary moments — celebrating, entertaining, or simply relaxing — into the extraordinary. Elevate your moments with Artisanal Premium Cheese & Taste the Difference!

Serving the finest chefs in the country, our clients include:

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