Make 2022 Special

2021 was a chain of surprises and challenges. As executive chairman of Artisanal Premium Cheese I have a ring side seat on our business and watched how our team navigated it all. Still, while the temptation to roll back and make it simple was abound, we took great delight in tackling new horizons starting with some incredible new cheeses we now have in our line for your New Year's celebrations, and rolling into some new strategic partners to set the stage for a robust 2022.

In 2022, Artisanal will immediately start connecting with its roots in fine dining to bring on new major strategic partners, allowing us to ship craft beers and wines from around the world with our growing list of cheeses we source worldwide. Offering fine dining guests the most exquisite cheeses with wine pairing suggestions tableside to create incredible culinary experiences was how Artisanal started and – we are going back to the mahogany cart where it all began in the New York City restaurant Picholine. A community of wine experts, including Sandra's Wine Life's Sandra Guibord, will help us share our know-how to a wider audience.

The categories of cheese and wine are vast for a reason – people love them both. What Artisanal does is special – we bring the two together in a manner that helps our customers understand how to enjoy them. While there is only one mahogany cart, what we know can travel as far as needed to bring Artisanal culinary experiences to your home.

The best part of turning a new chapter is a fresh start. So kick off the New Year right with family and friends and some world classes cheeses. We made it simple on our home page to enjoy some of the amazing French and Spanish cheeses we just flew in just in time for the holidays.

We can all hope for a great 2022. Join us in the spirit to move ahead with enthusiasm and with the fullest appreciation for what 'safe' gatherings of family and friends means to all of us.

From the Artisanal team we wish you a Happy and Healthy New Year!

I love Artisanal Cheese and enjoy sharing it even more – you can Taste the Difference!


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