Triple-Double Collection - Three Double Cream Cheeses

Artisanal Premium Cheese is putting up great stats during March Madness! By teaming up three of our most popular double-milk cheeses we've racked up our own triple-double! 

Robiola due Latte is a mixed milk cheese of cow and sheep milk. The paper thin rind covers an unctuous buttery paste that coats the palate. Mild and savory, creamy with a light lingering sweetness, this delicate pillow of soft-ripened cheese is irresistible.

Grassias is crafted from a blend of fresh cow and goat milk. The combination of these two milks and the lemon grass wrapping gives Grassias layers of flavors. Grassias pairs well with Pilsners, Lagers, and Wheat Beers.

Valdeon, a rich and creamy, full-flavored cow and goat's milk blue cheese, stronger than Stilton but less intense than Cabrales. This cheese is delicious with smoked and cured meats, and simply divine melted on top of a hanger steak.

Collections includes Olive Oil crackers, dried fruit, and mixed nuts. 

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