Burgundy Wine & Cheese Event

Artisanal Premium Cheese has partnered with the renowned Burgundy Wine Society to bring you a unique pairing experience that you can enjoy from the comfort of your home.  Imperial Wine Storage will deliver the wines to the participants, while Artisanal Premium Cheese will send cheeses directly to members' homes.

Simply order the cheese collection below and then click on the link at the bottom of the page to order the wine for the event, on the Burgundy Wine Society site.

Cheeses for the event are as follows:

Burgundy Wine Society Cheese Collection 

4-Year Gouda (Cow, Netherlands)

8 oz - Unrivaled for that perfect balance of salty and sweet. This aged cow milk Gouda bursts with flavor. The hint of butterscotch at the finish is a signature of this Dutch treat. 

Cantalet (Cow, France)

8 oz - Related to the British Farmhouse Cheddars, is a cow's milk cheese from the Auvergne in south-central France. It is weighty, moist and creamy, with a lovely sweet and milky quality

Geit in Stad (Goat, Netherlands)

8 oz - A delicious Dutch Goat Cheese aged 6 months. This cheese has a smooth firm texture that practically melts in your mouth leaving a sweet mild aftertaste, compared to the far more familiar and stronger flavored cow versions. 

Gruyere, Rolf Beeler (Cow, Swiss)

8 oz - One of the most famous Swiss cheeses from one of the most esteemed Swiss cheesemaker, this cheese has a nutty, sweet taste with complex musty and mushroomy notes. 

Artisanal Crackerthins (1 Pack)

Cheese Collection Total- $100*

*Shipping Included! - Wine and cheese will ship separately. 

Order Cheese HERE or below.

Click HERE to order wine for the event. You will be redirected to the Burgundy Wine Society site.


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