The University Club Wine & Cheese Night

January 20, 2022

7 pm - 8 pm

Back by popular demand (and because we just can't seem to shake these COVID concerns), members have remained connected to other Club members through a series of Virtual Wine and Cheese Nights for members and their families to enjoy at home.   

The Event Will Be A Celebration of French Cheeses and Wine 

Chef Robert Bagli will share his computer screen and guide you through a tasting event in your home. We have scheduled the event for one hour including a question & answer period.

We've made it easy. The cheese will be shipped to your home.  While wines can no longer be ordered from the Club, Chef Brennan has made his recommendations for wine pairings or you can select red and white wines of your choice to pair with the cheeses you will enjoy from Artisanal Premium Cheese. Dan Dowe, Club member and principal of Artisanal, has helped make this event available to our members. 

It’s a Club event, a family event and an educational event all in one, and more.  A contribution of 10% of Artisanal Premium Cheeses enjoyed will be donated to The University Club’s Employee Assistance Fund (EAF) to help its dedicated team during these trying times.  You are welcome to share the promotional code ‘UCLUB’ to increase EAF contributions for any purchases made at through June 30, 2022.  

The last thirteen Wine & Cheese Nights were incredibly successful! We hope you join us as we look to schedule more of these tasting events soon.


John P. Dorman


Here’s how it works!

The 4 cheeses from Artisanal will be shipped to your home. Purchase HERE.

Please note--while you are no longer able to purchase wines from The University Club, Chef Brennan's recommendations can be found HERE or you are free to enjoy your own selections. 

Set your cheeses, crackers and dried fruits on a platter 30-45 minutes before the event starts to enhance the flavor and aroma of the cheeses for a wonderful tasting experience.

Gather the people in your home and enjoy a great night!

 The Cheeses for this event will be

Brillat-Savarin: A triple-cream cow’s milk cheese, Brillat-Savarin is a luscious buttery cheese often called a cheese lover’s “ice cream”. 

Selles-sur-Cher A small disc of goat's milk cheese covered with a thin coating of black ash.  Its flavor is bright and citrus-like when young, with a hint of minerals, grass and hay. 

Crus des Alpes:   A pressed cow's milk cheese from the Savoie region in the Alpes, it is moist in texture and has a slight flowery sweet taste.

Bleu d'Auvergne:  Made since the middle of the 19th century, this blue is made in the traditional manner with blue veining throughout--grassy, herbaceous, and (with age) spicy, pungent taste.

    Accompany each shipment will be a European-style Baguette, Display Tags and Fromager Notes describing each cheese.

    The cheeses MUST be ordered no later than 2 PM on Tuesday, January 18th, in order to be delivered on time for our event on Thursday, January 20th.

    Who is Artisanal Premium Cheese? 

    The Artisanal Premium Cheese brand began at 2-star Michelin Restaurant Picholine in NYC where it set the gold standard for sourcing the finest hand-crafted cheeses and aging them to peak ripeness.  To help consumers appreciate the protocols of a classic French cheese course Artisanal borrowed from its fine-dining roots by categorizing cheeses from mild-to-strong to engage its loyal followers on the principles of progression when selecting and enjoying cheeses and pairing them with wines and beers.  This ‘tool’ is a proprietary method only Artisanal can offer called Artisanal CheeseClock® deriving its name from the starting point – the 6 o’clock position of your plate or cheese platter progressing from the mildest to the strongest cheese.
    This event will be capped at 100 people.



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