At No Labels, our mission is to build bridges between Democrats and Republicans in Washington and around the country.  Our country benefits from the fact that we Americans are not all one-and-the-same..

Our friends at Artisanal Premium Cheese have created the No Labels Problem-Solving Cheese Kit  for us-- four specially-selected artisan cheeses from four regions of America reflective of the fact that we are richer for our variety: 

  • St. Stephen - a triple-cream delight from New York--luxuriously smooth with a fragrant hint of mushroom.
  • Green Hill - a pasteurized cow's milk, soft-ripened cheese from Georgia with a buttery flavor, silky texture, and a thin bloomy white rind.
  • Terraluna - a cheddar-like cow's milk cheese crafted in Utah with a deeper flavor reflecting the mineral-rich soil where the cows graze. 
  • Grassias - a blend of fresh cow and goat milk produced in Texas and representing a perfect example of the ancient craft of leaf-wrapping cheese.

Each "Kit" serves 6 to 8 persons and includes Artisanal Crackerthins, Dried Fruits, Cheese Display Tags and Fromager Notes and will be shipped direct to your home.  Click HERE to order.

Invite friends and family to enjoy these wonderful cheeses while creating awareness of No Labels and its endeavors to bring people together as a national community to focus on addressing the nation’s big challenges.

If you’re frustrated that Washington is too divided, join us. We hope you will get even more involved in the No Labels movement in the weeks, months, and years to come. In the meantime, enjoy the cheese!

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