Cheddar, Fiscalini Bandaged

Fiscalini Bandaged Cheddar is the product of master craftsman Mariano Gonzalez, who perfected his art at Vermont's Shelburne Farms developing one of the first domestic bandage-wrapped cow milk Cheddars. Now in Modesto, California at Fiscalini Farmstead, Mariano is making his world-class raw milk cheddars using traditional methods and aging them for at least 16 months before releasing them in limited quantities. Fiscalini Bandaged Cheddar is a true American farmstead cheddar and sings with a luxurious balance of buttery, grassy, and savory flavors. This cheese is one of the few American cheddars that can compete with the famed cheddars of Neal's Yard Dairy in England. Try this cheese with crisp apples, or toss a handful into pie crust for a truly sensational apple pie. Pair Fiscalini Bandaged Cheddar with an American Craft Ale, or wines such as Pinot Noir, Gamay, Zinfandel, Chardonnay, and Grenache. Please note: Because our cheeses are cut by hand exact weights may vary slightly.

Each cheese comes with a fromager note (describing the cheese with beverage pairing suggestions) and a cheese serving tag identifying its name, origin and milk type.


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