Hoja Santa

Pronounced OH-ha SAHN-tah

Produced in Dallas, Texas, Hoja Santa reflects its origins. Each young goat's milk round is wrapped in a velvety, heart-shaped leaf from the local (and eponymous) Hoja Santa plant (piper auritum). The Hoja Santa leaf imparts subtle tones of sassafras, anise, mint, black pepper to this soft, fresh chèvre. Here in the Artisanal Cheese Caves, we age the cheese for much longer than most fresh goat cheeses. Then we dry the wet Hoja Santas, turn them over and wait for a few spots of perfectly edible mold to grow on the rind. This guarantees that the leaf has lost its chewiness and has infused the white paste with a light grassy note. Pair Hoja Santa with Sauvignon Blanc or any light red with anise and peppery notes. Try it with Pernod, an aperitif; a must! Piece weighs about 5 oz.

Each cheese comes with a fromager note (describing the cheese with beverage pairing suggestions) and a cheese serving tag identifying its name, origin and milk type.

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