Waccabuc Country Club Wine & Cheese Event


Join Us!

 To help members remain connected in fun and creative ways during these challenging times, Waccabuc Country Club has created a Virtual Wine and Cheese Night for members and their families to enjoy in the comfort of your home.   

We are extremely pleased to announce that Résonance Wine Maker, Mr. Guillaume Large, and the Executive Chairman of Artisanal Premium Cheese, Mr. Daniel Dowe, will be live on your screen with the zoom link provided for an evening full of fun and education for either a family event or to show your friends what your Club can do!  The event will be for one hour including a question & answer period.

We've made it easy for you--Wines will be shipped to the Club and, once ready, you can pick them up curbside before the event.  Cheese will be delivered to your door via UPS.   

Please place your Wine order by 5pm, Wednesday, March 3, by emailing Andrew at amckimmie@waccabuccc.com.  The cost of the four wines for this event will be $215. 

Please place your Cheese order by noon, Monday, March 8 by clicking HERE. The cost of the four cheeses for this event will be $85 (which includes shipping by UPS to your home).  

Set your cheeses, crackers and dried fruits on a platter 30-45 minutes before the event starts to enhance the flavor and aroma of the cheeses for a wonderful tasting experience for 4 to 8 persons.

Gather the people in your home and enjoy a great night!

The Cheeses for this event will be:

St. Stephen (Upstate New York):  A triple-cream delight, luxuriously smooth with a fragrant hint of mushroom. 

Doubleday’s Choice (Upstate New York):  Washed with hard apple cider while aging, its paste is creamy and its flavor mellow.

Trufflebert (Upstate New York):   A creamy goat's milk delight with a bloomy rind and a luscious layer of Italian black summer truffles through its velvety paste. 

Boujee Blue (Upstate New York):  Made from cow’s, sheep’s and goat’s milk, this blue has a softer and creamier paste and a ‘milkier’ taste on the palette as compared to traditional stronger blue cheeses.

Accompanying each shipment will be a sleeve of Artisanal Crackerthins (70 pieces), Display Tags and Fromager Notes describing each cheese.  

Who is Artisanal Premium Cheese? 

The Artisanal Premium Cheese brand began at 2-star Michelin Restaurant Picholine in NYC where it set the gold standard for sourcing the finest hand-crafted cheeses and aging them to peak ripeness.  To help consumers appreciate the protocols of a classic French cheese course Artisanal borrowed from its fine-dining roots by categorizing cheeses from mild-to-strong to engage its loyal followers on the principles of progression when selecting and enjoying cheeses and pairing them with wines and beers.  This ‘tool’ is a proprietary method only Artisanal can offer called Artisanal CheeseClock® deriving its name from the starting point – the 6 o’clock position of your plate or cheese platter progressing from the mildest to the strongest cheese. 


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