A Paris Wheel Collection

A fun event for sure and what a great gift too! This is Artisanal’s version of the joy and excitement that a Farris Wheel creates in people, both young and old. This incredible two-pound wheel of a popular cow’s milk cheese from France is excellent for entertaining favorite people. Serves up to 12 people. 

Moulis is semi-soft with a consistency and taste that everyone will enjoy. Like the ceremonial cutting of a special cake, gather your favorite people around for A Paris Wheel evening of joy. And, more -- Moulis is shipped in an Artisanal branded wooden box from France and comes with our informative Fromager Notes and a display tag to make it a real conversation piece at your next gathering, and it makes for a great gift too.  How many people do you know are expecting a gift of a whole wheel of cheese – so be a star this Holiday Season and send the best gift of all!

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