American Cheese Tour Collection

What a crowd-pleaser for this holiday season’s celebrations. A tour of some of our favorite American artisan cheesemakers’ home states will create a culinary adventure for your guests.

A party conversation starter for sure that begins in the bastion of cheese making in the New England in good ‘ol Vermont with Artisanal’s Cheddar aged two years for distinctive taste and texture. Then south to New York for a triple crème, St. Stephen, from a new husband & wife cheese making team, then west to Indiana for a goat’s milk star, Piper’s Pyramid, from a female pioneer of American cheesemaking. The next stop is the Lone Star state of Texas for a mixed milk cheese wrapped in lemongrass that is exclusive to Artisanal, then to the mountains of Utah for Terraluna, a cow’s milk cheese of European quality. The final dash is to Oregon, for Smokey Oregon blue by the award winning cheese makers at Rogue Creamery.

Complementing these cheeses are dried fruits and nuts, an artisan honey too and Artisanal Crackerthins and Fruit & Nut Corstini.

Let our informative Fromager Notes and display tags add to your presentation and make you the informed host!   For your friend and family that love to travel, this collection is just perfect.

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