Scotch and Cognac Collection

Everything but the fireplace! For Scotch and Cognac lovers, we have selected three outstanding cheeses. Like a fine wine or spirit, finish is what distinguishes these cheeses. The small crystals of milk sugars in our Gouda create a lingering caramel after taste. The Alpine style smoothness and depth of Grand Cru Surchoix is a perfect complement to the smokiness of Pecorino Fiore Sardo’s warmth and distinct sheep’s milk taste.

Our Fruit & Nut Crostinis offer the sweetness of the dried fruits and saltiness of the nuts to round off a great tasting experience.

Our Artisanal branded wooden hat boxes from France, coupled with our informative Fromager Notes on each cheese and display tags are sure to stir festive conversations at your next gathering, and this collections makes for a great gift too.

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