Burgundy and Artisanal Premium Cheese Event


Artisanal Premium Cheese has partnered with the renowned Chevaliers of the Sous-Commanderie de Cleveland to bring you a unique pairing experience that you can enjoy from the comfort of your home.  All participants can order wines from the Club Cellar, while Artisanal Premium Cheese will send cheeses directly to participants' homes.  The wines will be available for pick-up at Bob Conrad's home.   Please see the Clubster event email for details.  Your Zoom link will be provided by the Club.

Simply order the cheese collection below.   To order the wine for the event, please return to the Clubster (Sous-Commanderie de Cleveland) site.

Cheeses for the event will be paired with the recommended wines in the following progression:

"Virtual Vino" Collection

Selles-sur-Cher (Goat, France) - A classic sheep’s milk cheese from southern France, Ossau-Iraty provides a flavorful comparison to the cow’s and goat's milk cheeses to be enjoyed this evening. 

Heublumenkäse (Cow, Germany) - Coated with organic flowers and herbs yielding a grassy, slightly woodsy aroma, this organic cow's milk cheese from Germany begs for a buttery white burgundy.   

Mahon (Cow, Spain) - Produced on a Mediterrahnean island off the coast of Spain, this briny-flavored cheese has a salty sensation reminiscent of its seaside terroir. 

Ubriaco di Raboso (Cow, Italy) - semi-hard raw cow’s milk cheese that is aged for six months and then immersed in Raboso grape must (skins) for weeks to develop its flavor and aroma and color.

Artisanal Crackerthins (1 Pack)

Cheese Collection Total- $95*

*Shipping Included! - Wine and cheese will ship separately. 

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