Pronounced gah-ROACH-ah

Garrotxa is a goat's milk cheese produced in the Catalonia region in northern Spain. Our Garrotxa is made in a traditional manner by a small artisanal creamery known for its consistently high quality, and it shows! These beautiful wheels have a semi-soft and compact texture and a light but noticeable coating of velvety, blue-grey mold. The flavor is milky and delicate with a hint of nuttiness and a clean, smooth finish. Garrotxa pairs well with most sparkling wines and Champagne, many whites, as well as many Iberian varietals including: Albariño, Tempranillo, Periquita, Garnacha, Sherries and Portos. Pairs well with cider. 

Each cheese comes with a fromager note (describing the cheese with beverage pairing suggestions) and a cheese serving tag identifying its name, origin and milk type.

Please note: Because our cheeses are cut by hand exact weights may vary slightly.


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