Hiking Balsam Gap with Woodford Reserve and Jaspar Hill

A Mountain Picnic with Bourbon and Cheddar

Nestled near the Appalachian Trail, close to Balsam Gap and south of Haywood County, lies one of our favorite outdoor escapes.

After a leisurely drive and a hike of about ninety minutes, we reach a sprawling plateau beneath the open sky. Here, we spread our blanket and welcome an August afternoon, where nature's flavors and sensations dance on the breeze, lightly cool like the touch of soft linen.

Our picnic basket pays homage to both the land and our desire for indulgence. Figs and pistachios mingle with a crusty sourdough loaf, setting the stage for the stars of our mountain repast – Woodford Reserve Bourbon and Jasper Hill Cheddar.

Jasper Hill Clothbound Cheddar boasts a quintessential English texture, revealing a symphony of sweet caramel and milky richness that sets it apart. An interplay of sweet, savory, nutty, and tangy notes gives way to a rustic, creamy texture on the palate.


Enter the captivating Woodford Reserve Distiller's Select Bourbon, a copper-hued masterpiece with orange highlights. Its butterscotch-like aroma beckons, paving the way for a sip that transports the taste buds on a fruity journey – notes of orange, apricot, and tropical intrigue. The finish is a crescendo of caramelized delight, accompanied by a lively burst of burnt-orange zest.

The bourbon is enchanting smooth and opulent. Yet, it's the dance between the Cheddar and Bourbon that elevates this experience to the extraordinary. Harmoniously, they surpass their individual greatness, forging a sublime pairing that defies simple description. Sipping the bourbon while the cheddar luxuriously melts on the tongue, its tanginess and depth intertwine with the bourbon's lingering embrace – an experience that words fail to capture.

In the distance, an elk crosses the gap, a sight that bridges nature's vastness with an intimate connection. It's a poignant reminder that within these moments lies the essence of existence itself.

We know you'll love exploring the deep richness that comes from the pairing of these two complex and delightful flavors.

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