Fiore Sardo

Pronounced fee-OR-eh SAR-doh

Fiore Sardo (flower of Sardinia) was awarded D.O.P. status in 1996. This style of pressed sheep milk cheese has been produced in Sicily for millennia. Traditionally, the cheese would be aged over open fires, imparting a light smoky aroma and flavor. Thanks to the efforts of the Slow Food movement, the artisanal method of production has been maintained for this cheese. The flavor of Fiore Sardo could be described as sharp; it is a little salty and tangy, assertive yet delicious. It can be enjoyed as a table cheese on its own, or when it is well aged it can be used as a grating cheese. Fiore Sardo pairs well with crisp white wines and fruit-forward reds. Please note: Because our cheeses are cut by hand exact weights may vary slightly.

Each cheese comes with a fromager note (describing the cheese with beverage pairing suggestions) and a cheese serving tag identifying its name, origin and milk type.

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