Gourmet Tailgate, Small

From our cheese caves to your man cave! Planning a tailgate party has never been easier. Open Box - Assemble - and pray your team wins - All in 10 minutes!

The Artisanal's Gourmet Tailgate, Small includes a party in a box ready to go for up to 10 people. Approximately 2.5 pounds of 5 different cheeses are selected by the Artisanal affinage team to give your guests a winning cheese experience, complemented by dried fruit and nuts, Artisanal crackers and a condiment.

Descriptions of each cheese are included so you can have a blow out game-day experience, even if your team comes in second.

Collection includes display tags and cheese descriptions with beverage pairing suggestions.

Items in cheese collection may be substituted at any time to ensure that the best product is being sent out.

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